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2013-10-17 10:48 AM

Cumming, GA
Subject: Starting Back...running question
I did a couple sprint triathlons a couple years ago and took some time off. I am starting back up again and have a question about running strategy.

Currently I cannot run for more than 3 minutes without heart rate going through the roof and having to walk, so I am starting from ground zero. My goal is to do a sprint tri in the spring (2014) and then an Olympic towards the late summer/fall (2014).

Should I:

A) Do a couch to 5k type program to get myself up to the point where I can run a 5k without stopping then move into a training plan that will likely keep me in heart rate zones during base phases. (currently on week 2 of a couch to 5k plan and I am often above my aerobic heart rate zones although my average heart rate at the end of the workout is not that far above my range).


B) Stop what I am doing and do heart rate based training on my runs to build up my aerobic base.

or perhaps something totally different. Interested in your thoughts.

2013-10-17 10:51 AM
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Panama City, FL
Subject: RE: Starting Back...running question
At that stage, don't be so tied or worried about your heart rate. You just need to run easy to medium and until you build your base up again.
2013-10-17 10:56 AM
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Subject: RE: Starting Back...running question
A Couch to 5K program or something similar would be great to gradually build back. But it sounds like you have to slow WAY DOWN to be able to extend out your running.

2013-10-17 10:57 AM
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St Catharines, Ontario
Subject: RE: Starting Back...running question
I guess the couch to 5k plan has a lot of run walk in it.

I would ditch whatever heart rate monitor you have and just run or run/walk the prescribed miles. After a few weeks your body moves past the inital steep learning curve and you can run in zone 1/2 without the cardiac peaks.

This come from someone who is very anti electronics however. I have never trained for HR and only really take it when I am resting to see if I am still in recovery or not.
2013-10-17 11:43 AM
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Twin Cities
Subject: RE: Starting Back...running question
Personally, at this point, I'd say do the couch to 5k/beginning run plan, but drop the hrm and use PE. If you can't talk or converse during the run part of your run walk program, slow down. Concentrate solely on building a base, not on distance or pace.
2013-10-17 11:50 AM
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Subject: RE: Starting Back...running question
if it was myself i wouldn't relay to a 5k training program at this stage.
first you need to build a base then you can adjust to the type of race you want to compete in.
don't worry about heart rates at this time, slow down your run and keep on going until you reach the goal of 1h run non stop. perfect for a beginner would be 10km in 1h. from this base you can start doing differents workouts (sprints, intervals).
but first build a base and give your body/joints/knees the time to adjust to the run/fatigue/

2013-10-17 12:00 PM
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Subject: RE: Starting Back...running question
I'm in a simmilar situation however, my layoff was due to injury. What I've done is gotten to the point where I could run a mile, and jumped back into C25K from there. It's worked really well for me thus far. My goal is to build a base of five miles (slow and steady) and then start with the HR training training. I should be there by 1 January.

Good Luck!
2013-10-17 11:41 PM
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, California
Silver member
Subject: RE: Starting Back...running question
I just started training in July after years of not running and have Been using an iPhone app. Zombies,Run! It builds from the ground up and is so fun to listen to and train with. It starts with walk run intervals and transitions to longer runs, all while playing your workout playlist and telling a story. I can't wait to get to the regular running app. Give it a try. You'll be ready for the zombie apocalypse!

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2013-10-18 4:00 PM
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Cumming, GA
Subject: RE: Starting Back...running question
I really appreciate everyone's feedback. I think I am going to stick with the couch to 5k program, but I won't overdue it and repeat weeks if I have to.
2013-10-21 3:34 PM
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Gilbert, Az.
Subject: RE: Starting Back...running question
I did somewhat similar. I had an Achilles rupture, and when I was finally allowed to start running, I would run/jog 1 min, walk 2. I did that for a mile, then increased it until I hit 2-3 miles. Then I went back to the 1 mile distance, but ran 2, walked 1. Got that up to three miles.

From then on, I just worked on getting it to where I was running 3 miles a day (Which is 21 a week, respectable if you're doing sprint tri training), and then morphed into the BarryP running plan. (3 short runs, 2 med runs, 1 long. Each one is double the previous, so if your short run is 15 mins, your med are 30 and your long is 45).

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