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Have you DNF'd yet?
Yes, once because of my own stupid fault
Yes, once because of bad luck
Yes, multiple times because of my own fault
Yes, multiple times because of bad luck
Yes, multiple times - both bad decisions and bad luck
No, but I realize it can happen.
No way! It'll never happen to me!
This is a multiple choice poll.

2013-11-02 12:25 AM
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Great White North
Subject: RE: Have you DNF'd yet?
I was the last guy NOT lapped out at Nationals in 2003. Rode my off to stay in it. I went into that race short on sleep and sick.

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General Discussion Triathlon Talk » Have you DNF'd yet? Rss Feed  
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Clearing my head after failing to finish
date : February 5, 2010
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On the day of the race my chain jumped off again and got wrapped so tightly around my crank that I couldn’t finish. I DNF'ed my first triathlon.
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As a triathlete, there is one acronym that you just can’t fathom ever having next to your name in a race report – DNF: DID NOT FINISH.
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As every veteran athlete can attest, a non-existent or ill planned ‘race meal plan’ will leave you falling far short of your goals or even worse, in the medical tent.