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2013-11-12 7:30 AM

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Subject: Overuse hip injury?
I keep getting hip achiness (mostly in groin). My glute also gets a tight feeling right at the end of the butt bone. Its not a sharp pain and it doesn't hurt to walk/run with both groin and glute. But it aches from time to time. I usually get it after a race. For example, this time it was after running a 5k one week after running a marathon. I was fine after the marathon but it came on the next day after the 5k. I was running 80mpw before the marathon. The other time was after a 10 miler in March then doing a track workout a few days later. I had to take it easy running for 2-3 weeks (only ran 2-3 times) and it slowly went away.

I can hop on it no problem. The only symptom I have running is my outside hip gets tight and I feel out of balance. But this goes away after 2 miles or so.

I did get a massage before the marathon and my pelvis was out of alignment. So maybe its from this? The 5K had some steep hills so maybe I knocked it out and its pulling on my muscles. But its still bothering me 1.5 weeks later. Its not getting better but not getting worse either.

Maybe its just my body telling me to rest. Any thoughts?

I should mention I didn't rest at all after the marathon. I know pretty stupid.

My other thought was stress fracture but I can't imagine that I could just take a few weeks off (like I did in March and last November) and go back to running 50+ mpw for 6 months. Hip labral tear? Same thing....I can't imagine I could pull this off. I did see a ortho doc in March about it and he didn't think it was a labral tear based on my range of motion and symptoms. He thought it was a inflammed IT band or high hamstring tendonitis. But most of my symptoms have been in the hip flexor region.

2013-12-01 11:39 PM

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Subject: RE: Overuse hip injury?
I hear you pain!

I've been living with hip pain/tightness for the past year and a half. It's extremely annoying to say the least!

Congrats on finishing a marathon by the way! awesome accomplishment!

Just a little history from experience,

My issues began while training for a half marathon. My right IT band flared up, and I had to take a break from running. Theory was, a hip imbalance, and my right side was compensating for the left. I took a year off running, and took up cycling, completing a GranFondo. During this event, I suffered a small tear to my left hamstring...right where the tendon attaches to the butt. Theory...a tight piraformis and a hip imbalance. My hip flexors, especially on the right side were and continue to be tight. Another symptom of a pelvic tilt. Not sure if this could be a reason for your groin pain?

I'm guessing you have a bit of tendonitis, possibly as a result of a slight imbalance, and the best thing to do is rest and seek out a good massage therapist. No running! If things don't mend in a couple of weeks after a short run, a good PT will likely put you on a strength program that involves lunges...a lot of them, squats, dead-lifts and some hamstring rehabilitation exercises. Do you include hip adductor and hip abductor exercises in your program?

I'm guessing your poor muscles are a bit over worked and just need a little break.

Good Luck! I hope things resolve themselves with a little rest and relaxation. You deserve it!
2013-12-09 12:50 PM
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Subject: RE: Overuse hip injury?
I took 2 days off from running and this seems to help a lot! Thanks for the feedback.
2013-12-09 7:03 PM


Subject: RE: Overuse hip injury?
Check out hip impingement. I have the exact same issue. Started with groin pain. Not a fun diagnosis to have.
2014-01-09 9:01 AM

Subject: RE: Overuse hip injury?

My 2 cents: could be something called anterior femoral glide, or could be FAI/labral tear. Google away!

Not fun, either way. Been struggling w/ my my hip now on 5 years (had surgery, problems remained). Hip/back are all so complicated.

I'm close to "retirement" at 36 because of it.
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