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Subject: Sports Insoles
Super Thin Bicycle Sports Poliyou Insoles
Aybroad focuses on foot health product researching and manufacturing, provides satisfied service and high quality around the world, our main products includes pu insoles, eva insoles, silicone insoles, tpu insoles, foot pads, gel insoles, etc.

This type insoles special designed for bicycle sports, top surface is covered with net mesh and bottom eva layer was made of Taiwan material, poliyou are well used as middle layer of the bicycle foot bed, super thin and lightweight, less sports load perspiration, sweat channels are designed at the bottom of the bicycle insoles.

Our sports insoles are super thin and lightweight design with less sports load, can improve the sports quality, breathable and water absorption, keep your feet comfortable when you are sporting, ease the foot and legs from fatigue, tiredness arch support disperses pressure on feet and provides protection to the foot arch, reduces arch pain, muscles stretching, ankle pain.

Aybroad Sports LTD
mailto:[email protected]

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