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2013-11-27 4:17 PM

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Subject: My Black Friday list - 51cm TT bike $4000msrp $2k, Zipp 808 FC $2500msrp $1300, Blackwell 50s $1600m
Custom painted Tt bike currently being marketed by Stevens, Stradalli and several "Italian" bike companies. Used design cues from the Cervelo p5 and plasma 3 frame design, argon 18 e-118 braking design, and the canyon speedmax front end. Ultegra derailleurs with upgraded jagwire gold light weight shifting, dura ace carbon break leavers, 88mm deep light weight wheels with zipp tires, carbon water bottle cage and vision tt crank. This retails for $4000 before the upgrades, get it here and save over $2000! Seat can go from 63cm to 75cm. Built in April.

[img][/img] nice stealth ride with a few accents
[img][/img]Jagwire and carbon Dura Ace upgrades
[img][/img] nice and thin, not much for the wind to see
[img][/img] Ultegra gray
[img][/img] BB30 and Vision TT crank

2011 Zipp 808 FC tubulars with tires - less than 500 miles will include brand new vittoria corsa tires
Firecrest rim shape, the 808 has improved in almost every metric. Its 27mm-wide profile is 15 seconds faster than before over 40km, and now equals or exceeds the performance of any 90mm-deep rim on the market as well as many discs. At high wind angles, the 808’s aero advantage is even greater, yet Firecrest also makes the 808 remarkably stable. Essentially, the 808 provides the speed of a much deeper rim with the handling of a much shallower one. On windy, non-disc-legal course like Kona, that counts for a lot. And in Firecrest's first crack at elite-level competition, Chris McCormack rode it to a win on the Big Island in 2010. With its wider profile, the latest 808 Tubular also shows improved lateral stiffness for efficient power transfer and crisp acceleration, yet offers greater comfort and impact resistance than its predecessor. Pro triathletes like Macca build their seasons around a few crucial events where aerodynamics is everything. Pro cyclists like Saxo Bank-SunGard and Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12 log scores of race days every year with huge variations in weather, terrain, and tactics. No matter what approach you take, the 808 Tubular with Firecrest technology provides top-shelf aerodynamics with a remarkable versatility to take on whatever challenge you’re facing.

Brake Track Top 25.94mm
Brake Track Bottom 26.24mm
Recommended Tire Width 21mm
Max recommended rider weight 225lbs
Weight 818g
Rim Used 420FC
Hub Used 188
Rim Depth 81.0mm
Aero Width 26.24mm
Tire Bed Width 18.00mm
Spoke Count 20
Spoke Length Non-Drive 224mm
Spoke Pattern Non-Drive Cross
Spoke Pattern Drive Radial
Spoke Length Drive 210mm
Track Adaptable No
Dimpled Surface Yes
External Nipples Yes

Blackwell Research 50mm Wheels - Has a cheap vulcano challenge tubbie on the back and a quality continental podium on the front.
Blackwell Research knows the time and wattage advantage of great race wheels. The 50mm tubular race wheel is the latest innovation from their design and manufacturing staff. These wheels offer a great value for the rider while providing a boost in cycling performance. Tubular 700cc sizing with carbon fiber hubs, bladed spokes and a basalt braking surface combine with a new “nose” contour make this wheel very fast but also more stable in crosswinds. The exclusive “angel hair” carbon finish saves weight while adding sidewall stiffness for better handling. Check these out for a big bike improvement in ride quality and speed.

700c Tubular
18* frt - 24* rear
Basault Braking Surface
Carbon Hubs
SRAM/Shimano Compatible
1000 miles












IMG_20131127_155510_993.jpg (1001KB - 4 downloads)
IMG_20130802_071055_039.jpg (905KB - 4 downloads)
IMG_20130802_071102_652.jpg (634KB - 5 downloads)
IMG_20130915_214528_032.jpg (638KB - 5 downloads)
IMG_20130913_142541_322.jpg (1980KB - 6 downloads)
IMG_20131122_122200_290.jpg (813KB - 7 downloads)
IMG_20131122_122644_148.jpg (660KB - 7 downloads)
IMG_20130913_142549_743.jpg (1579KB - 6 downloads)
IMG_20130913_142600_165.jpg (1994KB - 5 downloads)
IMG_20130913_142624_447.jpg (1377KB - 5 downloads)
IMG_20130913_142632_244.jpg (1258KB - 6 downloads)

2013-12-01 9:08 AM
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Subject: RE: My Black Friday list - 51cm TT bike $4000msrp $2k, Zipp 808 FC $2500msrp $1300, Blackwell 50s $1
I also have a rudy project wingspan for $90. Has one small dent in the shell that is pretty much unoticable, didnt find it until i was removing race stickers for pictures.
2013-12-25 3:38 PM
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Subject: RE: My Black Friday list - 51cm TT bike $4000msrp $2k, Zipp 808 FC $2500msrp $1300, Blackwell 50s $1
rudy gone
2014-01-01 7:25 PM
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Subject: RE: My Black Friday list - 51cm TT bike $4000msrp $2k, Zipp 808 FC $2500msrp $1300, Blackwell 50s $1
808s gone
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