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2014-01-28 5:07 PM
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Subject: RE: Paleo Diet
I've been looking into this topic and have found quite a lot of endurance athletes go Paleo in everything except training/race nutrition. Paleo is something that I have toyed with but I don't deal well with negative reinforcement (you can't eat that) which is a personal thing for me.

One thing I am finding is going for the Low-Carb Diet option is really paying off and I am starting to lose weight and I feel great (that wasn't meant to rhyme in a cheesy way). I haven't done any longer sessions using purely gels yet but I'm interesting to see how that goes. There is a great market for someone to produce a 'Paleo-friendly' fuel during longer training or events. Maybe it isn't possible?

Anyway if anyone is interested I have put a few more of my findings on my site which has the aim of raising as much sponsorship as I can for Scope up to the running for IMUK 2014.


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