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2013-12-23 1:08 AM

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Subject: Two Pair of Running Shoes - Nike and Newton
Hi all,

I have heard it is good to rotate running shoes. I have been a Nike user for years now but am very interested in the Newtons. Is it crazy to get a pair and alternate these two shoes for my training? It seems if you are going to rotate shoes the second pair should be different from the first. Maybe I am wrong on that. I tend to have a short stride so I think that the Newtons won't be too radical for me.


2013-12-23 3:59 AM
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Bonney Lake
Subject: RE: Two Pair of Running Shoes - Nike and Newton
Thats a hard call Newtons are a lot different than Nike. I bought some Newtons last year after years of other brands. I got them on sale so I bought two pair to rotate. I would not recommend going between Newton and another brand. Newton is a particular feel and form that you need to get use to and if you go to the Nike you might loose the feel a little. Unless you are use to both shoes already then it might not matter. For me going to a shoe that was not Newton when I had them was hard, but I am not sure I was fully use to my newtons.
2013-12-23 11:54 PM
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Subject: RE: Two Pair of Running Shoes - Nike and Newton
Thanks for the advice. I am curious about he Newtons so I might give them a try but I think you are right probably not the correct shoe to rotate with.
2013-12-24 5:53 AM
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, New Hampshire
Subject: RE: Two Pair of Running Shoes - Nike and Newton
It all depends on your gait. If you're a natural mid or forefoot striker, then you'd be fine rotating to Newtons. Although I suspect, once you start to run in them, you'd never go back to your Nike's…

Newtons either work for you or they don't. Never heard anyone say, they work, but I just didn't like them (although I'm certain there's a few out there).
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