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2013-12-28 3:18 AM

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, North Carolina
Subject: Asking for opinions on a "new" bike
Alright fellow BTers... I'm gonna be "that guy" and ask for your opinions comparing these two bikes. I'm in the market for a "new" bike for triathlons. I could go either for a road or Tri bike, but I have a fairly low budget. I'm also thinking for getting a Road bike to get by on while saving for a nicer Tri bike in a year or two. For my last Tri I borrowed a friend's Trek 2300... Not sure whether it was a 2000 or a 2001 model, but I really liked it... Especially for a 14 year old bike.

Anyway, to answer everyone's first question, yes these are my size (56cm) and yes I will test ride them to make sure they fit...

Here are the two bikes and links to craigslist... The Trek is right in my price range, and the Fuji will need some bartering (both with the seller and with my wife) to get the price into my range (that means lowering the price and raising my range lol).


2006 Fuji Aloha 1.0- $695

2000 Trek 2200- $350

2013-12-28 7:25 AM
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, New Hampshire
Subject: RE: Asking for opinions on a "new" bike
Size denomination can be widely misleading… There's no standard what a size denomination actually means geometrically, nor is there a standard how a measurement is taken. So a 56cm Trek can be equal to a 60cm or a 52cm of another brand.

Also, looking at the photos, you can actually tell that the Trek is kind of worn… expect to replace chain, cassette, probably the rings, and I would replace the cables and housing as well.

The Fuji doesn't have enough photos to tell the condition.
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