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2014-01-13 8:19 PM

Subject: Sore this sore that
I am so pi££3d off I am trying to Trainee for just small triathlons after pulling out if a full IM but I keep getting minor injuries , now it's sore back , sore hip , my knees are hopeless and sore . When will it end . I could give up but i am not a quitter

Maybe I should just give it all up sit in my chair and eat chips and drink coke

( I have made some significant diet changes - no alcahol or even meet for a few weeks which I hoped would ease the joints etc but not yet maybe it takes longer )

2014-01-14 11:29 AM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: Sore this sore that

Are you trying to do too much too soon?  Is your technique faulty?  Do you have ill-fitting equipment?

You don't log your workouts here, so it's hard to give any specific advice on how to help.  The only generic comments I would offer would be to build volume slowly (10% rule) and to be consistent with your training (you want to build on your previously progress, not be starting over all the time). 

Being stiff and sore occasionally is just part of training as you stress your body so it can recover and grow stronger. 

If you're actually injured, that's something else entirely and should be addressed medically so you don't do more damage.


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