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2014-02-20 9:31 AM


Subject: Total Triathlon Virgin
Hello hello,

I am going to complete my first triathlon (sprint) in July. I have never even thought about doing a triathlon because I do not consider myself a strong swimmer, nor am I an experienced runner, NOR am I a cyclist! lol. So of course I should do a triathlon, right!?

Well... I have always wished I could do these things. Instead of wishing, I decided to set a goal. I love obstacle course running races and 5ks, so now I just need to work on swimming and cycling. I figure all I need is a good training plan and lots of determination.

I am very overweight, so my other motivation is obviously to lose weight, but what I am really after is body confidence. The kind of body confidence where I can trust my body to do things. Right now, I have very little body confidence. I still enjoy activities, but with lots of trepidation and doubt (if I go kayak, how hard will it be for me to lift my body out of the water and into the kayak, when I go horseback riding will there be some kind of ladder of stool that will help me lift myself on the horse, if I do this obstacle course, how will I possibly life myself over this wall)... You get my point.

Just to give you an idea of where I am starting from... Yesterday I took my "beach cruiser" style bike for a spin around my hilly neighborhood and about died completing not even 5 miles. The hills were killer and I admit to climbing off and walking a couple of times. Most of the time I powered up the hills, but with only one gear it was difficult. Earlier in the week, I went for a walk/run... I completed a very hilly 3.1 miles in about 45 minutes (can we say slloooowww?). And I have not swam since moving from Hawaii a few months ago, and my swimming history consists of treading water and swimming whatever way my body decides to. I have never had anyone teach me proper form. In the pool, I can swim a few laps before tiring out (and those laps are purdy short).

My fitness is currently "okay." I do crossfit 3x per week and I ride my bike around the neighborhood a few times a week on crossfit days. Three days a week I take a run around my hilly neighborhood. I do all this pushing and pulling around my very overweight body. I follow weight watchers too, but I eat only power foods (lean proteins, veggies, fruits, healthy fats) and whole grains.

So that is me! No better place to start than from the beginning!

2014-02-20 9:36 AM
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Subject: RE: Total Triathlon Virgin

What are the distance differences between a mini Sprint and a Sprint? I see both training plans, but I have never heard of a mini sprint and now I am not sure what I am signed up for in July. I believe mine is 400 swim, 12 bike, 3 run.
2014-02-20 9:48 AM
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Subject: RE: Total Triathlon Virgin

There is no standard for sprints or mini sprints.  Typically a sprint would be maybe .5mi/12mi/3mi or so with much variation. 

Your speeds and distances don't sound too bad for just starting out.  I got into the sport back in 2010 and have dropped from almost 230# to as little as 187#.  I'm  around 195# now, and haven't had much training volume this last year and in fact my knee started acting up last summer and my running almost stopped completely. Which is to say I'm a bit soft now, but even with minimal training I'm still in WAY better shape than a few years ago.

I did a 5k yesterday and my time was similar to yours, and in the past couple years I've done as much as 11 miles.  I'm fairly sure 5 miles would kick my butt on a single speed as well even though I've done 80 mile rides.

Short story, you're off and running.  (And will probably be wanting a multi-gear bike when you can swing it.)  Keep at it.  If in doubt regarding swimming take some lessons.


2014-02-20 9:52 AM
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Subject: RE: Total Triathlon Virgin
Yay! Thank you! That is encouraging to hear. I am looking for a 10-speed or something easier for me to ride. I love my beach cruiser (hello huge comfy seat!), but not on these hills!
2014-02-20 9:54 AM
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Subject: RE: Total Triathlon Virgin
And to clarify... the 3.1 miles I completed... It took me 28 minutes to get 1.6 miles done. I only finished the rest by 45 because it was mostly downhill for the last half! lol I fly downhill!
2014-02-20 10:16 AM
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Subject: RE: Total Triathlon Virgin
Yeah. First order of business is a multi-speed bike. That single speed would have kicked anyone's on hills. Spend $5 to $200 on a used bike at a yard sale or a used bike store and maybe replace the seat and tires, get a tune-up and off you go. Don't invest too much money because you might end up not liking biking or if you do like it, you will want to upgrade a year or so down the line no matter what you buy initially, so go cheap at first. I started off with a $5 1970's steel Schwinn that I could have easily raced in a sprint tri. A year later, upgraded to a $500 bike, then a $2k carbon bike.

Great job working hard!


2014-02-20 6:57 PM
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Subject: RE: Total Triathlon Virgin
In Australia we have enticer triathlons, which would be perfect for you - 200m swim 7km ride and 2km run. A considerable amount of people that do these are out of shape, unfit and/or overweight, so you won't be coming last! Get a decent bike, but don't spend too much $$, get a reputable brand road bike, you should be able to get a cheap 2nd hand bike.
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