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Subject: First Time Tri - Lobsterman
Hi all! I just moved to Portland and am getting started training for the lobsterman Oly distance in September. I am coming off of some winter inactivity and am a little pokey, and this is my first triathalon. I have done a few half marathons, and trained for the NYC marathon twice, but was thwarted -- first by Sandy then by an ankle injury, so I am giving up on the long distance for now. . . I'm an okay swimmer (never competitive) and need to get my hands on my own bike soon (sad to have left bikeshare behind, one of the few things I miss about NY!).

I would love to meet up for indoor (or outdoor, once spring actually shows up!) training/ strategy/ advice and beer sessions!

2014-03-19 5:19 PM
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Kennebunkport, Qatar
Subject: RE: First Time Tri - Lobsterman
Welcome to Maine!
It would be a little far, but if you are willing the Kennebunk beach triathlon club does Monday group swims at a local pond, if and when the ice breaks, and then once it warms up at the local beach for ocean swims. On Thursdays we do mini tris that start at the beach. It is a great bunch of people of all levels and a great group to train with. I am sure there are some around the Portland area that would be willing to get together for workouts.

2014-03-19 7:59 PM
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Subject: RE: First Time Tri - Lobsterman
welcome to Maine. And welcome to tri's. The Lobsterman is a tough one - it's kind of hilly. I live five minutes from there and swim in Winslow Park (where it's held) all the time in the summer, belong to the Casco Bay Y and ride in the area. So, if you have any questions, want to grab a beer sometime..send me a message with your contact information.

2014-03-25 1:04 PM
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Subject: RE: First Time Tri - Lobsterman
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