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2014-03-20 7:06 PM

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Subject: Swimming with shoulder pain
Does anyone ever have shoulder pain ? A few years ago I tweaked something in my right shoulder lifting weights. Last year when doing the zero to 1-mile program my right shoulder flared up. I know swimming hasn't caused this issue, only made it worse Icing helps. Now it's flared up again after completing the mile. Done a lot of research on technique and preventative measures. What are your thoughts? Should I train through, get lessons, join a masters class, try bicycling through the water instead?

2014-03-24 8:17 PM
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Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Subject: RE: Swimming with shoulder pain
I would find out the cause of the problem and fix that.
2014-03-27 3:06 PM
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Puyallup, WA
Subject: RE: Swimming with shoulder pain

I have to agree. There obviously seems like there is something going on! I know this is totally, 1990...but maybe instead of looking on the interwebs you should check with an M.D. (Although interwebs is less xpensive!)

I recently had shoulder surgery. What you're describing soundst like what I was experiencing. I had it looked at a year and a half ago and I was prescribed PT. Fast forward 1 1/2 years (with a pregnancy in between) and Dr. said it had progressed. If there is a tear or something similar, I don't think it's going to "work it's way out" by itself.

Good luck!

2014-04-01 5:26 PM
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Huntington Beach
Subject: RE: Swimming with shoulder pain
There is a ton of things that can cause shoulder issues... most commonly is dysfunction of the scapular muscles and areas attaching it to the spine... and these over the long term will present as rotator cuff issues. It's a common occurrence but honestly I can't tell you how many people will not strengthen the area. Maybe it is lack of education, time, money or whatever but if not addressed it will usually come back with higher frequency. Swimmer's shoulder is a really generic term for swimmer's with shoulder pain... enjoy
2014-04-03 9:43 AM
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Oceanside, California
Subject: RE: Swimming with shoulder pain
Regardless of cause... which you should find out... the shoulder is a very complicated joint and swimming stresses it.

It never hurts to do the most common swimmer's rehab exercises as a form of "prehab"....
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