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Subject: Lateral Knee Pain Mystery
I have been nursing lateral knee pain with a corresponding inner-thigh pain for over a year now. What started as discomfort has now kept me from running for 9 months.I can walk and squat but within a few minutes of running, i have incredible knee pin that has me limping for 7-10 days. I have flat feet and overpronate. I've seen 2 surgeons, had 2 MRIs, multiple X-rays of hip and knee and the only results are a medial meniscus tear and some delaminated cartilage on the medial femur head. My surgeon believes these findings result in medial knee discomfort but not the extreme lateral pain that prevents me from running. A steroid injection to the lateral knee did help but lasted only 10 days - injections to the hip resulted in no change. I am now seeing my third physical therapist who is completely stumped. A self-diagnosis of mine has me leaning towards a peroneal nerve issue but i have yet to see a neurologist and I'm not sure as this type of nerve issue usually presents in the foot and ankle -not knee. Not sure what these doctors could be missing.

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Subject: RE: Lateral Knee Pain Mystery
No matter how you describe your injury, whether it's a tear or strain or sprain or inflammation, your soft tissue is repaired by your own body. I can't tell you exactly what the pain is a result of, but as far as healing and preventing reinjury, you should supplement the healing process with exercises and stretches in order to stimulate blood flow frequently. A standard part of that therapy would be to stimulate blood flow, because the more we promote blood flow, the faster we will heal. And even after healing, you should keep it up as to prevent further injury. Your body continues to heal itself long after the pain has disappeared. It is very common for the full healing process to continue for 2 years or longer, even for rather minor injuries. For further information I have included some links to explain more.
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Subject: RE: Lateral Knee Pain Mystery
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