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2014-10-09 3:33 AM
in reply to: Gregwilkoaus

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Hereford, England
Subject: RE: Swimming Help - Post your videos
Originally posted by Gregwilkoaus

Thanks Eucid,

Current pace per 100m? I have not really timed as yet just trying to increase distance. Currently doing 2000m in 45min at a pretty easy pace which includes some good rests here and there

What do you mean by a tighter kick ?

At that pace you are doing about 2m15s per 100m. It looks like you could go quite a bit faster than that.

With the kick, to be honest, just swimming faster could sort it out. Sometimes your legs come a part, not much though.

What distance are you training for?

2014-10-09 2:23 PM
in reply to: Eucid

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Durham, North Carolina
Subject: RE: Swimming Help - Post your videos
I finally got a video for this :D. FYI I love my new s5 active that can shoot videos underwater :D

The links are to the img/vid hosting site that I chose to use.

Underwater shot
Above water shot

I'm not sure on my pace in the videos, but 1:45/100y give or take 10 seconds is usual for me. Lately its been seeming harder for me to breathe like my head is lower in the water. Also I've never been able to feel my pull in my lats. I've always felt in in my shoulder/bicep/forearm area.

Thanks in advance for all of the help!
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