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2014-06-15 6:40 PM

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Subject: Pleasant Prairie Parking Question

so I was reading the parking facts today, and it says parking near the race is limited… and that you may have to park at the outlet mall where no shuttle buses happen…and most triathlete's bike over?

say what? does anyone know how far this mall is from the race?

2014-06-17 11:20 AM
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Subject: RE: Pleasant Prairie Parking Question
The outlet mall is only 1.5 miles away - and the road will probably already be closed off or will have minimum vehicles on it that early. It's definitely not too bad for the triathletes if you have your bike and it isn't already racked. I haven't done the Pleasant Prairie Tri yet (doing the Oly this weekend) but have done the Danskin/Irongirl that they do in August. While it may be limited there is a decent amount of parking when you include the recplex access road to the east of the lake. Also driving around may take longer/be more of a pain depending on what roads are already blocked off.

ETA - Also if your bike is racked and you are going with a group I would recommend meeting up at the outlet and carpooling to the RecPlex as an option. Then your car is relatively nearby for after the race but you don't have to allow time to walk the 1.5 miles in the early morning

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2014-06-17 11:41 AM
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Subject: RE: Pleasant Prairie Parking Question
Anyone else chime in - especially if it is different for PP vs Irongirl. I am not sure what the difference is in participants between the two so parking may be more difficult for PP.
2014-06-17 2:45 PM
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Subject: RE: Pleasant Prairie Parking Question
Based on the parking map they have on the website it looks like there are about 5 lots on-site. This is my gym so I know that the two primary lots have a lot of parking plus then the baseball fields have substantial parking and on the road. If you are like me and tend to get there early, you should have zero problem. Not doing this race this year but last year we got there about 4:45 and parked right in the lot where transition is. Please do what you're comfortable with obviously but give a closer lot a try before you chose to park farther away, that is if you get there early. In years past I have passed people parking some distance away and then gotten in closer lots. Hope this helps and have fun!
2014-06-17 2:56 PM
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Northern IL
Subject: RE: Pleasant Prairie Parking Question

How does Pleasant Prairie set this up? Last year IronGirl closed Lakeview right by the outlet mall well before the race and many participants could get down there. If they were allowed at all. I was just watching (obviously), but did get there somewhat early. They also had the Ironman fencing going from transition area in the big RecPlex parking lot extending way out along Terwall Terrace to near or maybe all the way to Lakeview. If anyone could get into those south lots they would have to stay in there until things were picked up after the race. I wasn't familiar with the complex at the time, so not sure what was going on farther up Terwall or in the north lot.

2014-06-17 5:18 PM
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Subject: RE: Pleasant Prairie Parking Question
At IronGirl I parked further up Terwell and had no issues. It helped that I came the back way since my hotel was the next exit up. The one downside that we had was that afterward we couldn't drive over to where the swim start was (since IronGirl is a one-way direct shot across the lake) to get the random flip flops/sweatshirts that we left until later. Since PP is a triangle that starts at the RecPlex that won't be an issue this year. I remember having no issues getting over to the Chancery (restaurant at the Radisson by the Outlets) to chow down after so I think they opened things up pretty quickly after.

2014-06-18 1:45 PM
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Subject: RE: Pleasant Prairie Parking Question
Hwy 165 in which case yes, they always shut the majority of that down race morning so that people can walk in safely. Once all of the bikers are off that portion of the course it's opened back up pretty quickly. On the far North end of terwall terrace, as if you were exiting back onto Hwy H, there is a technical highschool right there on the corner. Worst case of there being zero onsite or street parking you can always go there. It's also a great place to tell family to park who might be a bit later than you. A yes to the parking and getting stuck until the race is over. If you are in one of the baseball lots on the south end you may have to wait a little bit. If that's a concern I would opt for the north lot by the ice arena to start with and you'll be safe to leave.
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