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2016-04-27 3:27 PM
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Deep in the Heart of Texas
Subject: RE: Who had the over/under on Manziel being the next Ryan Leaf?

Originally posted by mdg2003 I know very little about this guy so I did a quick Google on him. I assumed he was raised dirt poor somewhere in east Texas and was enjoying having access to money for the first time in his life. Seems his family is pretty well off and he's not a rags to riches success story coming out of some run down trailer park. Maybe his family didn't give spoil him and give him everything he wanted growing up? Illegal drugs and alcohol are definitely in charge and making his decisions for him. Whether he ever plays football again is irrelevant right now. I hope this kid gets his a$$ into an AA/NA meeting before he kills himself or someone else.

Maybe he should use the affluenza defense like the other criminal from Texas, Ethan Couch.

Manziel usually rolls with his posse, including his boy Uncle Nate.  Whats the use in having a bunch of sycophants, if they are willing to take the rap for you.

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Other Resources My Cup of Joe » Who had the over/under on Manziel being the next Ryan Leaf? Rss Feed  
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