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Subject: Nearly 50% off HoneyMaxx!
Are you in prime training season and can't find a sports drink that works?
Are you getting a lot of 'gut rot' from your sports drink?

Try HoneyMaxx, the world's first honey-based sports drink. With 4 natural sugars in honey and non-GMO maltodextrin, HoneyMaxx offers stable time-released energy. No energy spikes or crashes in a sports drink that has a proven track record of being easily digested.

Check out our testimonials at

Want to make the leap and try it? Get nearly 50% with the coupon code HMXSummerDeal*

*Offer valid on the purchase of 2-4 bags
* Shipping and handling rates apply


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BT Development New Products and Sales! » Nearly 50% off HoneyMaxx! Rss Feed  

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