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2014-08-04 2:12 PM

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Subject: Helping me adjust my aero position

Can you comment on my aero position pictures?
I made 2 videos, one with towels on my aerobars, one without.

I generally have problems with the saddle, this is the 3rd one. My thumbs up pictures are saying I feel comfortable sitting.
Any help will do.

p.s. my back unfortunately is not very flexible.

(1 - 0.jpg)

(2 - 0.bmp)

(2 - 2.jpg)

(1 ' 1 (sitting front).jpg)

(2 - 1.jpg)

(2 - 4.jpg)

1 - 0.jpg (60KB - 2 downloads)
2 - 0.bmp (1382KB - 2 downloads)
2 - 2.jpg (59KB - 2 downloads)
1 ' 1 (sitting front).jpg (62KB - 2 downloads)
2 - 1.jpg (65KB - 2 downloads)
2 - 4.jpg (64KB - 2 downloads)

2014-08-04 3:57 PM
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Subject: RE: Helping me adjust my aero position

Need pictures at the bottom of your pedal stroke to offer better advice.

Your position in the last picture is way better than the others.  You're too stretched out and too far back on the saddle in the other pics.  Which one is more true to the way you ride?

2014-08-04 4:07 PM
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Subject: RE: Helping me adjust my aero position
Oh, couldn't get the pedal stroke in the frame...I feel the most comfortable in those two with thumbs up... but just looking at them I see my back is hurting.

On the other hand, in the last one I am slightly forward on the saddle, which makes me feel completely uncomfortable. As far as saddles are concerned, I am using Specialized Avatar.
ISM Adamo Century felt impossible to hold on to.
2014-08-04 5:00 PM
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Subject: RE: Helping me adjust my aero position
Take photos somewhere else to get all of you and pedal at bottom of stroke plus try to have it more square to you. Outside maybe if you need more space.
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