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2014-09-08 5:59 PM

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Ankeny, Iowa
Subject: Recommendations
My boyfriend has registered for IM Moo 2015 - since we are coming from Alaska - any recommendations on places to stay close to the race venue.

Thanks in advance,

2014-09-09 8:31 AM
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Subject: RE: Recommendations
Anything in the Capital square or nearby is going to be nice and in walking distance. I'm just coming off IMWI. We booked a room at the Hampton on Johnson Street. Nice breakfast, reasonable prices, and a good location.

Everything on race weekend is centered at Monona Terrace, which is a convention center on the water. Use that as your gauge to determine how close/far a hotel is. There are cheaper hotels farther out, but you are not going to want to drive anywhere on race night. Focus on finding a hotel within walking distance. It also makes it easier as a spectator, since you would have the option of going back to the hotel during the bike. Or hop the shuttle out to Verona on the bike course, or try to get to the three sisters to party on those hills.

I also strongly recommend that, if all possible, he make a trip out to pre-ride the course. The hills can be technical and unforgiving, and more than anything, knowing what is coming up makes it a lot easier to know how to pace and conserve energy.
2014-09-09 1:17 PM
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Ankeny, Iowa
Subject: RE: Recommendations
Thanks for the recommendation for the Hampton. According to their website they are booked for the week around race weekend in 2015 already. I thought I was getting a jump on the ball with looking at Hotels but I guess not. My first adventure into the Ironman world. Thanks again!
2014-09-11 2:49 PM
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madison, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: Recommendations
I happen to know a guy (me) that lives exactly 2.8 miles via bike path from the swim start. I'd offer you my guest room but my coach has spoken for it next year.
The Concourse is walking distance to the start. The Best Western InnTowner is right at a wonderful viewing corner for the run. It's on one of the "spokes" that heads out to picnic point so you'll see the runners 4 times at that area. That's actually where we viewed from this weekend.
Lot's of places out in middleton which is a drive to the start/finish (maybe 8 miles) but pretty easily doable.
Drop me a note if you need any specific information. Glad to help if I can.

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2014-09-12 12:23 PM
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Ankeny, Iowa
Subject: RE: Recommendations
Thanks! I will keep you in mind. We have gotten a room at the DoubleTree downtown as a preliminary setup for the few days we are going to be there. Chris my boyfriend did Vineman Full back in 2009 but this will be his first Ironman race and my first into the sport larger than local sprint/olympic. We thought the hotels would still be pretty open but are impressed with how they are sold out already. I will keep it in mind when I have questions about where to cheer and others I am sure as we get closer..

Thanks again,
2014-09-15 11:47 AM
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Iron Donkey
, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: Recommendations

Since this is usually asked every year, I'm resurrecting this thread for you for possible ideas:


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