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2014-09-14 12:06 PM

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Subject: Eagleman Bike Course Winds
This week is Ironman Maryland, and the bike course borrows heavily from the Eagleman course.

From everything I have read, it sounds like wind is almost guaranteed. It also sounds like it usually comes from the north, which would mean a rough headwind from about miles 35-45, and again for miles 80-90, roughly. You may get the benefit of a tailwind early on each loop, but it sounds like you get more head and cross winds than actual tailwind.

Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated. I will struggle to make the bike time limit so I am looking for every advantage I can give myself heading into this.

2014-09-15 7:23 AM
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Exton, PA
Subject: RE: Eagleman Bike Course Winds
This year I think the winds at Eagleman were about 10-15 mph. directions and when it hit you depends on tree coverage. To me it seemed like I was going into the when 75% of the time. It's the same for everyone, and you can't do a thing about it now. Relax, enjoy your taper, and just execute the plan next week.
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