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2014-10-25 7:16 PM

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Newnan, Georgia
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Subject: Soooo....this is happening !
Ok so here is the deal. I have a been a member of BT for awhile now and have completed numerous Sprint, Olympic etc races but the past year of my life has been EXTREMELY busy and stressful (actually it was just the culmination of the last three years of stress) but that is all over now and things are going great!! So that brings me back to Tri's. Here is the deal....I want to do iron distance (always have) and I figure it will be a long path through a 70.3 or two and then onto the full. Here are the details:

1) I already have all the equipment to get me at least through the 70.3 distance (i.e. really good road bike, workout gear, garmin 910XT, wetsuit etc etc)
2) Have some experience in tri's so I have something to build on.
3) Although a lot of things are changing in my future it is all good things that promote the triathlon lifestyle

1) I have not exactly kept myself in Triathlon shape..... not completely out of shape just not in triathlon shape ( i.e. I leg pressed 1080lbs two weeks ago)

So I am really looking forward to the support and help that comes from this forum and all the great people that contribute to it.


2014-10-26 10:57 PM
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Morgan Hill, California
Subject: RE: Soooo....this is happening !
If you have the time, you can do it. Pull the trigger, sign up, and jump in! Good luck and we'll look forward to hearing about your progress.
2014-11-10 7:30 PM
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Subject: RE: Soooo....this is happening !
Sign up so you are locked in! I did a half last year and I was so scared. Turns out its just fine if you train! Signed up for IMFL last November and did that (minus the swim due to weather) last Saturday. Now, off to IMCoz in 3 weeks!!! Crazy, but worth all the training!
2014-11-12 7:09 AM
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Newnan, Georgia
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Subject: RE: Soooo....this is happening !
Yup my plan right now is to do a Duathlon plan (no pool) and then an Olympic followed by the 1/2 iron program and then do Augusta next year.
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