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Subject: Challenge Vietnam
Currently working for Pulse Active – A Sport events company in Vietnam, I’m here to present you a new race : Challenge Vietnam, a half distance triathlon that will take place in Nha Trang, Vietnam the 11th september 2016.
We are promising you an incredible experience in one of the most beautiful city of Vietnam with beautiful coastlines, an animated town.
For more information please kindly visit: http://challengevietnam.comor watch our official video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdDF17KaaMI

If you need more information, I will be pleased to answer you
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Comic relief--training in Vietnam

Started by Hot Runner
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2010-11-01 9:05 AM Hot Runner
date : January 14, 2008
author : dr_forbush
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In addition to writing your race number on each upper arm, they also wrote your age on your calf. This allowed me to see who was passing me by in the bike section of this race.
date : November 28, 2007
author : Tri Swim Coach
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Question and answers on swimming strength challenges, is kicking important, 'runners kick' with ankle inflexibility and the usefulness of fins, pool buoys and paddles.
date : October 9, 2007
author : dr_forbush
comments : 9
The boat was being tossed around. Someone noted that there were whitecaps on the waves. Another guy said, “This is going to be challenging.” I began to wonder what he meant by 'challenging'.
date : July 10, 2007
author : Ontherun
comments : 0
Having three seasons under my belt I thought I knew what I was doing. That all changed with a few new challenges and a bunch of new friends.
date : January 7, 2007
author : Ontherun
comments : 4
We were all there once, a beginner. Time to take the challenge and help a beginner triathlete!
date : January 29, 2006
author : lv2teach
comments : 1
It’s a challenge to push yourself a little harder and a little further. Be proud of every workout that is accomplished and every step-even the baby ones-that you take on this course to the finishline.
date : November 27, 2005
author : AMSSM
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Try to view your injury as another athletic challenge and an opportunity for personal learning and growth. Identify the skills that help you succeed as an athlete.
date : September 3, 2005
author : infosteward
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The Boulder Peak bike course is legendary. It is, literally and named as such, one of the toughest bike legs in the country.