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2016-08-23 9:17 AM

Subject: Bar end shifter question

So I'm upgrading my older Shimano DA drive train to the 11 speed Ultegra 6800 set and had a question on the shifters. Looks like Shimano only sells DA 9000 TT bar end shifters, and they run $90.

Are there any "value" alternatives out there?


2016-08-23 6:51 PM
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Hudson Valley
Subject: RE: Bar end shifter question
It's important to match shifters with rear derailleurs of the same brand. Each brand has mechanical ratios for precise shifting; otherwise, the chain won't shift correctly. Just pay the $90 bucks for 11 speed, or upgrade to 10 speed for less cost.
2016-08-25 8:17 AM
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Subject: RE: Bar end shifter question
thanks for in input, I'm going to just get the DA shifter, best to match brands
2016-09-01 8:06 PM
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Subject: RE: Bar end shifter question
Microshift makes Shimano-compatible bar end shifters, but you'll only save $10-20. It's pretty hard to pass up Dura Ace for generic when the price difference is that small.
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