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Subject: Looking for Thesis Participants
Good afternoon. I am currently finishing my MS in exercise science at William Paterson University in Wayne NJ. I am looking for people willing to come to campus for 2 visits, as well as follow a 7 day dietary protocol. Some of the benefits include a free VO2max, Peak power output, and body fat testing.

Participants would have to meet the following guidelines:

1. Male
2. Age 18-55
3. Currently cycling > 2 hours/week
4. Bring your own bike to campus

The protocol involves:

1. Two separate visits to William Paterson University
2. Visit 1 = Graded Exercise Test to measure peak power output, height/weight/body fat measurement
3. Follow specific dietary protocol for 1 week (either high-fat and low-carb or high-carb-low fat)
4. Visit 2 = Three seperate 20 minute bouts at 50,70 and 80% PPO

If you have any interest whatsoever, please privately message me. I would be greatly appreciative with any help.

I can also be reached at my cell, 518-618-6555. Thank you!
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