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2017-01-10 6:44 AM

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Subject: Ultrarunner going to try a tri
Hey folks,

I'm Kim, or Kimba is my trail name. I had knee arthroscopy in 2016 and subsequently Grade 4 arthritis reared its ugly head in the same knee. I'm not *supposed* to run. I may be doing my swan song ultra, the Tarawera 60K in February. I'm horribly undertrained for it, I hope to get by with some jogging and power hiking.

I started riding my bike this past summer, and now have the bike on a trainer, which is okay. I plan on riding a century this summer. I need to figure out how to buy clipless pedals and shoes. I'm getting more comfortable on the bike.

Swimming-I'm teaching myself to swim in our local state park lodge pool, which is the only pool available to me. I guess I know how to swim, I'm trying to learn how to swim/breathe. I've been using Swimming Made Easy book by Terry Laughlin and doing the drills in the pool (along with knee exercises).

Since I'm adding swimming and biking to my workouts, it seems like trying a tri in the summer would be a good challenge for me. I don't mind being a newby in these new sports, everyone starts somewhere. I am focused on being healthy and active and positive.

I'm 51 years old, and live in rural southeastern Ohio, in the *hills*. We have Amish neighbors and big hills that I don't like riding my bike up (or down, a bit scary.)

Running is the easy no brainer sport, these bikes come with lots of moving parts to figure out, and I don't know if I am doing the swim part right, so I thought I would join your group here where I could ask my newby questions.

Thanks in advance,

2017-01-18 12:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Ultrarunner going to try a tri
Welcome to triathlon and BT!Terry Laughlin is good for newcomers.Have a look around the beginners section) for really great instructions and especially videos to help you incorporate drills into one solid, smooth stroke.Good luck!
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