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Subject: Hello
My name is Garrett and I'm a newbie to triathlons. I started at the beginning of 2016 and did some indoor sprints and century bike ride and got hooked on triathlons. My goal for the upcoming year is to do at least 3 sprints and 2 Olympics if possible on top of some Bike events. So far the only issues I have had with triathlon are injuries from running (cant seem to get my knee to stop hurting and now I got a shin splint ). But hopefully I can get those healed and have a good year. I look forward to having conversations with you guys and gals!

2017-02-04 12:56 AM
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Subject: RE: Hello

Hi Garrett, welcome to BT and congrats on your tris already!

Running can be a beast ... it's where I see most triathletes get injured. The best advice I can give is run slower/take walk breaks/run LESS (fewer minutes or miles) but more OFTEN. Like if you're running 10mi a week now, it's better to space that out over 4-6 runs than 2-3. At this point, especially if you're having problems, NONE of the running should be at faster than a pace you could hold a normal conversation at. If that means walk, walk.

Aquajogging is also really good

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