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2017-03-23 8:30 PM

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Subject: Hello, swimmer moving to tri - welcome training advice

My name is Ryan and thanks for the forum. I have been lurking around a few sites and trying develop a training plan, and decided to post here to see if anyone had any feedback on how to train. Most of the stuff I have read is from people that struggle with the swim, so hard to adapt what to take from that. I welcome your advice! I plan to do my first sprint in about 3 months, an oly in about 6, and would like to work up do a HIM next year. Im doing this 95% for fitness, and would aspire to be mid pack.

31 years old male, 142 lb, 5'7.

Swim: I expect this to be my strength. I coached and swam competitively for ~15 years but haven't done much in about decade. It left me with fairly tore up shoulders which give me some issues sometimes (too much butterfly). I used to pound out 7500yd/day no problem. I think at peak, my fastest 1mi race swim was about 21min, fastest 500yrd I think was about 5 min 10 sec? I am very comfortable in the pool, but have nil open/cold water experience. I recently started getting back in the pool a few weeks ago doing about 2-3000 yrds in about a hour before work about once-twice a week, and can hold a 1:20min/100yrd pace at moderate effort now.

Bike: Been riding casually for about a year. I recently got a trainer in the past 2 mo and been doing Zwift, which I find to be pretty fun! I did the 6wk FTP builder and went from 120-140 FTP which is rather embarrassing. I struggle with feeling comfortable on the road. I have a decent road bike which I was fitted for. I have put aero bars on for the hell of it and feel I have a good position on them (quite comfortable at least). Need more time to get better control with them on road, but seems to work on the trainer. Currently biking on the trainer 3x week about a 1 to 1-1/2hr at a time, road rarely. Have no idea what to expect as far as speed goes in a race.

Run: Never been a runner. Been working on this in the past 6 mo but also a significant weakness. I did a 12 wk training plan prior to a 10k, completed in 54 min about 3 months ago. Took a break because I really wore down the ankles and struggled with ankle pain after the race. I have had a couple therapists help me with footwear and have tried orthotics, presently feel the best in high stability shoes without orthotics. Anyways, ankles seemed to heal up and presently in the midst of a 12 wk plan for a 1/2 marathon, my first of the distance, shooting for a 2:10. Trying to average 10->17 mi/wk over 2-3 runs a week, but that has been difficult to keep up due to knee pain now. Training around 10:30-12:00/mi pace depending on the distance. Long run on weekend around 6-8 miles. Garmin says my HR stays quite high, 170 BPM, feels fine.

Injuries/issues/time: Left runners knee in the past 2 weeks and above joints and ankle issues, which is very frustrating! I could devote about 3hrs a weekend day to training and maybe 3-4x 1 hr blocks during the week.

1. If you were me, how much time would you devote do each discipline? Specifically, how much time would you devote in the pool? Once a week, a few times prior to an event, never?
2. Do you all find that training the "motor" on the bike a good way to avoid injury? Does training on the bike help with your run? It sometimes seems running is 2 steps forward, one step backwards, a joint will flare and then I'm out for a few days! Should I just put more time on the bike trainer to avoid worsening the joints?
3. On the other hand should I do the opposite - should I devote more time to running to train my floppy swimmer joints?
4. Other tips for floppy swimmer joints and avoiding running injuries?

Thanks for your help and reading all that!
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