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2017-06-10 11:18 AM

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Subject: Running shoe insoles
A number of years ago I started using insoles in my running shoes. This was due to strong recommendation from my LRS and honestly, I had the shoe wear that would unmistakenly indicate I am an overpronator (outside of heel wear, big toe wear). At present I use superfeet orange insoles in my Hokas (primarily I run on Bondis). Now, several years later, I know my arches have gotten stronger. Also, I no longer see any toe wear on my shoes at the point of shoe retirement (400-500 miles), I still have heel wear but I am a heel striker. What I do detect now, however, is pain on the outside edge of my forefoot. The term pain is probably misplaced, more like a bike shoe hotspot, and it only arises on longer runs (> 5 miles). At this point I am wondering if I should ditch the insoles, perhaps they are making me roll off the outside of my foot too much? Has anyone here suspended the use of insoles in their shoes?
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