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Subject: How do you recover after hard workouts?
Been thinking more and more about what my ideal recovery routine is post-workout (inspired by a post I read on this site), and would love to hear what others are doing.

Usually it's something like this:

1. Twenty minutes of warming down. Once the meat and potatoes set is done I usually am ready to blow town, but doing some easy, technique-oriented work at the end of the session leaves me feeling noticeably better over the rest of the day and the following morning.

2. Post-workout snacks. A shake and some fruit until I can get home and let the eating really begin.

3. Foam rolling and stretching before bed, and when I wake up. The more the better, particularly hitting my hips and low back.

For the really rugged days and bouts of training:

EMS machine. I bought the MarcPro a few years ago and am not sure what I ever did without it. Always try to hit my traps after a big swim, or the quads on the couch late at night after a big bike day. They are expensive, but I swear by mine.

What's your go-to moves for faster recovery?
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