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2017-12-30 8:11 AM


Subject: Start Triathlon in 2018
Hello, I a new to Triathlons, 2018 will be my starting year, any advice for a rookie?

2017-12-30 5:10 PM
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Mesa, Arizona
Subject: RE: Start Triathlon in 2018

Read a lot. It's hard to gauge what advice to give without knowing where you are and what your level of experience and fitness is. I started triathlon obese and with basically no fitness experience. I read everything I could get my hands on, talked to everyone that would talk to me, and watched every documentary, video, and advice vlog, on triathlon. It took a while but in time I had the lingo figured out and felt good about my training plan.

Depending on the distances you're planning to run I would advise hiring a coach if you're able to. Or join a tri club near you.

2018-01-01 8:44 AM
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Subject: RE: Start Triathlon in 2018
Welcome to the forum! This is a great place to start. There is a great deal of information available here through the articles, the forums and the mentor program. Read through the articles and forum, post questions and most importantly enjoy the sport.
2018-01-03 12:19 PM
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Subject: RE: Start Triathlon in 2018
Originally posted by Yoelsousa

Hello, I a new to Triathlons, 2018 will be my starting year, any advice for a rookie?

Here's my best bits of advice that doesn't often get shared, but were the questions I had when starting out.

1. There will be portapotties at the race. However, likely only near transition for the shorter races. The lines will be massive before the race. Hopefully it's an open water swim.....*wink* *wink*.

2. Read the rules of a particular race, or USAT rules as a default. Not that they exceed "common sense", and it's not like they're generally out there with tape measures to measure draft zones for Age Groupers at local "races" that cater to racers of all kinds. But, it's comforting to know that you're doing it right and not getting in people's way/etc. and knowing when someone else is in YOUR way.

3. No need to spend a lot of money. But, start saving now. You don't need a hot bike, expensive tri-kit, and extensive/expensive "nutrition". A cheap race belt to hold your bib, though, is WAY better than messing with safety pins. Save the money for when you're hooked and you know what you WANT and in what order.

4. 80% of the people racing at a local race are just like you and they're all very friendly. Another 19% of them are really good athletes and might even really be in to tri ....and they're all very friendly and supportive. Of that remaining 1%...... .9% of them are really good triathletes, and might even be classified in some way or might even be a pro....and they're all very friendly and supportive. That last .1% well....there's always someone. They stick together. And nobody likes them. They get made fun of around here on occasion.

5. Also, if you want to use the plastic bucket. USE THE PLASTIC BUCKET. Some people make fun of it. I used one for awhile, but then stopped when I got a nice backpack at a race. I kinda miss the bucket. A waterproof container that doubles as a comfy chair....all for $4? Come on! I bet if I put an IM logo one, made it square instead of bucket shaped and called it a "waterproof transition tote", I could sell them for $250.

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2018-02-08 5:54 PM
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East Wenatchee, Washington
Subject: RE: Start Triathlon in 2018
Advice for a newbie:

Here are a few random thoughts. I've done 39 triathlons now so I've had many opportunities to learn:

1) As someone already noted, ask questions. The Tri community is very friendly and supportive. There is so much to learn it can seem a bit daunting, but there is plenty of support if you just have the courage to put yourself out there and ask questions. Also,, think about joining one of the mentor forums.

2) Unless you have a swim background, get to the pool more than you think you need...and consider a couple private lessons if you can. Swimming is 80%+ technique and a good instructor can help a lot in just a couple of sessions.

3) As someone else noted, you don't need to spend a lot. Any bike will work for your first few races. If you like it, you can worry about it then. I've seen people on fat tire mountain bikes. It doesn't matter.

4) Focus on your weakest sport. The largest time gains typically come from just getting fundamentally sound in your weak sport. For example, for a non-runner, with some discipline it's not that hard to drop from 13 minute mile pace to 10 minute/mile pace. In an Olympic distance tri that's an 18 minute improvement. If you are a strong cyclist, you'll be inclined to want to put in more bike work. But you're not going to drop your bike time by 18 minutes by putting in another bike workout when you could be getting better your run.

5) You can rent a wetsuit off the web. Low cost. If you like the sport you can always buy one later.

6) Have fun and enjoy the ride

Good luck.

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