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Subject: SOLD
Ok long story short I am getting ready for my first triathlon and it is going to be the full ironman santa rosa. Santa Rosa holds a dear place in my heart after the devastation I saw while fighting fire up there last year, I would sign up for a ventura santa barbara race after the thomas fire as well, that one wasn't easy as well.

Anyways I have been searching high and low for a bike. I thought I found the holy grail, a bike that purchased new at 4k in 2012 and had been ridden three times around the block and stored. It still has the plastic piece in the wheel and the casing markings on the tires, it is amazing. Listing said large, I spoke to the guy a bunch. He was 4 hours away from me but near a buddy of mine. I had my buddy pick it up for me. Three weeks later she gets to guess it, freaking Medium. Measures like a 53 at seat post and no marking on it for size of frame. Heart broken, bank broken, haven't even told I need to sell this and go back on the hunt for a real size large Speed Concept. Hopefully the pictures upload, I also have video as well. You are going to freak out how clean it is. I know I did. So if you have an immaculate Large, or a not immaculate large with some cool stuff on it (Di2, carbon wheels, power meter pedals...) Maybe you need a medium and I can have your large.

This thing is silent and rides like a cadillac. I am crying while posting this. The wheels have the bladed spokes it is crazy how quiet it is. I rode it down the street to just see if I could make it work, too cramped and over the front.

Price $2200
2012 Trek Speed Concept 7.5
Comes with Look Keo Carbon Pedals
Payment via Paypal
Located in Merced County California
$100 Shipping and boxed by LBS for out of area.

More Pictures To Follow

I have a video too.

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