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2018-04-02 8:27 AM

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Subject: Trump voters are stupid
For the last year + we have read and heard hundreds of time by democrats and liberals in the media slam Trump supporters. We have heard Clinton say that the women who supported Trump did so because they are not capable of thinking for themselves and only voted for Trump because their husbands told them to. Trump supporters are routinely maligned and mocked on social media and on MSNBC and CNN.

To all this I say, GOOD! When you insult people, do you think they are going to be more inclined or less inclined to change they way they voted? If you tell someone they are stupid because they voted for Trump and then they ask for your vote, do you really think they are going to forget they were call deplorable, stupid, a Stepford Wife etc?

If democrats run on the "Stop Trump, you were an idiot electing him" platform I think it will backfire. Just my NSHO.

Suggested campaign them for democrats this fall: "You are an idiot for voting for Trump. Please vote for me so I can undo your f-up!"

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