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2018-04-17 9:14 AM


Subject: Tri top with sleeves?
Why are there tri suits with sleeves but no tri top with sleeves? I want two pieces but I want sleeves to the elbows it’s not a gun show for me. Lol. I am new be kind.

2018-04-17 9:33 AM
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Subject: RE: Tri top with sleeves?
I have worn the DeSoto Skin Cooler tri top It's awesome. It has sleeves and is super durable. The skin cooling fabric really works too. I like to have protection from the sun. I also wear skin cooler arm sleeves, most of the time, giving me coverage from the wrists, up.
2018-04-17 9:44 AM
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Subject: RE: Tri top with sleeves?
I think the typical outlook is that the suits are kept on the entire race, whereas two pieces might be taken on and off through and event and wrestling the long sleeves on a two piece could be maddening after the swim.

Just a thought.

But I bet long sleeves tri tops are out there.
2018-04-17 1:40 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri top with sleeves?

I have also been searching for a tri top with sleeves and they are just coming out now for this season so keep looking. Too late for me to switch things up for my race but here's what I have found:

Coeur is my favorite and I've been stalking the site hoping they would restock sleeved tops but so far nothing - if you fit XS - you are in luck!

I'm going sleeveless and adding cooling sleeves - they kept me warm and cool during a May race last year so that is a good option for you if you aren't able to find a top with sleeves.

2018-04-17 3:02 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri top with sleeves?

Thanks for advice everyone

2018-04-19 4:20 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri top with sleeves?
I went around and around and around and around and around and around and around on this last year.
And then I went around some more. I looked at everything. High end. Low end. Cheap imports. Mid grade. Brand name. Off brand name.

I couldn't find any sleeved top that had the right pockets. I wanted pockets like a cycling jersey.
I wanted one that looked right....because hey...if you're gonna look like a dork (which you're gonna in tri gear) might as well look like a handsome dork. I found a few....but then I saw that really clashed with the piping on my tri-shorts. To be fair, I realized how worn my tri shorts were also.

So, then the real hunt was on. Top and bottom. And, keep in mind, I was dead set against a one piece.

Found an Amazon dealer (happily, they also have an actual brick and mortar in FL) to let them know I would be ordering a bunch of stuff and likely returning it. I know they're used to it in this industry, but I wanted to be proactive. They told me they'd be on the lookout for my order. In fact, when I sent it...they contacted me via phone and Amazon to see if they could switch out and add a few things. They even somehow gave me a discount knowing I'd be sending stuff back and that they were 'adding' charges (albeit temporary) to my card.

Somehow, I wound up loving a one piece with NO shirt pockets, and only teeny, narrow pockets on the thighs. I never wear a tri top cycling...have plenty of cycling jerseys. Not sure why I felt like I wanted those pockets. And since the shorts and top combo were super comfy, I enjoy them for racing. And all of my races are either short enough...that I don't need all sorts of goodies in my pockets....and the longer ones I only need a few extra comforts that easily fit as I tend to live off the course if need be.

Returned everything else.

Not saying the 1 piece is for you. But, don't be afraid to go out of the comfort zone. I did. And I'm more comfortable.

2018-04-19 6:43 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri top with sleeves?
I agree with dprocket with regards to De Soto, especially the Skin Cooler material.

They have a Skin Cooler Sleeved Tri Top and a Skin Cooler Short Sleeved Top, which is more like a fitted t-shirt and extremely comfortable. Both have decent pocket space although the latter has them aligned vertically up the shirt. These are the tops that you want:
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