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Subject: Strength Training for Tri Training
Evening all,

I have made the bold, and to some, questionable decision to move away from bodybuilding in order to focus completing a Half Iron Man early next year. Ill be honest and say my based fitness is shabby but improving on a daily basis. My experience in strength training is pretty decent but aiming to combine the 2 is slightly complex. Now one of my goals is to complete this on the heavier side (like Kris Gethin did) because I don't want to lose the muscle mass ive worked years to develop. I also understand how important strength is to everything. I believe my main question is what strength programmes did you follow alongside your tri training? I have heard a lot of people, from a gym background, have followed things like Tactical Barbell or just a simple 5/3/1 style template. What id be interested in is potentially something more specific that will help strengthen up the 3 disciplines.Yes I understand that a lot of the training will be running, swimming and biking but developing strength or at least maintaining is extremely important.

I guess the main questions are:
What str routine did you follow?
Did you follow a traditional style one or more of a strength based circuits routine?

Thanks in advance for your help!


2018-04-22 9:39 AM
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Subject: RE: Strength Training for Tri Training

This is my first year tri training so take it for what it’s worth. I have been improving in strength on the four major lifts despite doing cardio 5-6 days a week. I’m basically following the 5x5 method for bench, squat, deadlift, and military press. This is the same approach I used during my marathon training cycles. I add in accessory exercises as time allows, but I’ve found 4-5 sets of 4-6 reps of the major lifts helps me maintain, if not improve muscle strength. This also allows me to get my strength training sessions completed in 35-40 minutes.

Most of the triathlon specific strength training programs I’ve seen are geared around injury prevention.

I’m going to stick with the 5x5 program for this year. I want to be a well rounded person and I feel this program allows me to do that while still being able to improve my triathlon specific cardiovascular fitness without sacrificing general strength.

Hope this helps. Again, my first year triathlon training (shooting for Augusta 70.3 in September), but I have used this same method during marathon cycles.
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