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2018-07-04 8:58 AM

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Ann Arbor, Michigan
Subject: Training Plan Q
Ok, so just easing back into things. Haven't gotten much traction getting back into Tri (other than in my brain LOL) BUT I decided to pull the plug and register for a 1/2 marathon.

I've been active since hanging up my tri gear, running, lots of cross training and weights.

I decided to jump back into the BT site to help keep me honest

I looked at the 20 week plan here on BT and it's all time oriented.

So for example, one day has "1:00 run" I wonder if someone could weigh in on the type of distance one should be achieving, in say a 1 hr run? I'm on the slow side of things (ez run for me would be 11:00 min miles)

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