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2018-08-23 3:39 PM


Subject: Indian Wells 70.3
So since this will be my first Ironman I am trying to ask as many questions as possible. I noticed in the bike map T2 is different then T1 so am I able to setup both areas the day before since they are 12 miles apart? Also at the end of the race do they bring my stuff back to one transition area or do I need to go to both to pick everything up?

2018-08-23 6:54 PM
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Subject: RE: Indian Wells 70.3

The athlete guide -- which I see is not yet posted for that race -- will answer these questions definitively, and you should read it.

The usual procedure is that you will check your bike in at T1, typically the day before.  You would normally also have access to it in the morning (to pump up tires, put nutrition on the bike, etc.).  There is nothing to 'set up', really, for T2.  When you enter you will either rack or hand off your bike to be racked.  Your run stuff will most likely be handed to you in a bag (or you will retrieve the bag from somewhere) afterwards and you go to a tent to do any changing required, then hand the bag (which now contains bike stuff, like helmet and shoes) off. 

Normally, everything is delivered to the race finish, or somewhere nearby (ideally, T2, where your bike is), so at the end of the race, you need to go to just one place to collect everything.

Some races also let you hand in a pre-swim bag that contains things like car keys, hotel keys, extra clothing, whatever, at the swim start, and if so it should also be delivered to the same place as your other stuff.

Have a great race!

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2018-08-24 3:41 PM
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Subject: RE: Indian Wells 70.3
Thank you Michael. I will keep an eye out for the guide
2018-08-27 10:22 AM
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Subject: RE: Indian Wells 70.3
Typically you will set up T2 and either shuttle or walk to T1 to finish setting up. You have to plan it smart to divide out run and bike gear and have it in the right spot.

In the past they provide a bag for all your T1 gear to go in. Wetsuit, any morning gear, EVERYTHING you want back must fit in the bag and YOU have to put it in there in T1 during the race. They will transport the bag to the finish area, but not anything left out of the bag laying around.

I also started a FB group for Indian Wells. I have an athlete going and I'm racing myself. Feel free to join up for tips on the race and training in general.
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