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Hello all my name is Steven aged 32 and I'm from Wales in the U.K. Pretty much a beginner, cycle a little, have run a few 10k races and can swim ok but without a very good technique. I find exercise helps me a lot with my mind and have always wanted to do an Ironman. As hard as it seems I really want to do one in the next 2-3 years. Any advice would be welcome. Currently go swimming once a week, cycling once a week around 15 to 20 kms and run 5k regular. Only have a mountain bike at the moment but have bought a decent turbo trainer for the winter and looking to get a road bike. Thanks for reading.

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2018-11-13 4:38 PM
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Placitas, New Mexico
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Find a swim coach (Masters, YMCA, group, etc.) and learn good technique before you build a lot of bad swimming habits.  

2-3 years for an Ironman isn't unreasonable.  I've mentored people here on BT who did their first Ironman within their first year in the sport.  Biggest challenge for an Ironman is getting to the start line healthy after getting through 8-15 hour training weeks.  

You *can* do the race on your mountain bike, but you'll probably enjoy the day a lot more with a road or tri bike.  

Gear in general.  If you pick up a tri magazine, or go to many races, you'll see all kinds of desirable gear, much of which you don't actually need!  As you progress in your training, you'll understand the limitations of the gear you're using and can make educated decisions whether an upgrade is justified or not.  

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Welcome newbie.
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welcome mateee
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Hi Steven;

I'm a newbie, too, but would have to agree with what Champion says about finding a swim coach if that's a possibility. Swimming, apparently, is the biggest challenge for many triathletes.

I'm doing a sprint tri in July and my swimming at the moment could best be described as "dog paddle meets thrashing egg beater." I knew I needed help if there was any way I was going to continuously swim 750 metres in a lake, surrounded by other swimmers.

I actually had my first session with a swim coach this morning, and already there's a difference in how much more confident and capable I feel (despite having been described as a sinker, lol). The beauty with one-on-one lessons, as you likely know, is that the focus is on YOU and you alone, instead of a group. My coach already feels like a great investment, she's even given me "homework," i.e., drills to work on until our next session. (Another plus of one-on-one lessons, I think).

I hope this helps — you've got this!
2018-12-18 8:35 PM
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