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2019-01-02 11:43 AM

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Subject: What is the BEST exersize? (and some advice)
You often hear people talk about the "best" exercise for health and fitness. So what is the best exercise? Swimming? Running? Biking? Aerobics? Weight lifting? Yoga? Isometrics? Fit Boxing? Walking? Trekking? Rowing? Kayaking? Gardening? Cross country snow-skiing? Rock climbing?

These are all good. But which one is the BEST?

Ok, it's actually a trick question! There is no one "best" for everyone. The "best" is the one you enjoy and will do regularly. If you hate absolutely running, then you won't stay with it so don't torture yourself doing something you hate.

Find something physical to do that you really enjoy.

Happy New Years! I hope you exceed your own expectation for the goals you may have set for this year!

2019-01-02 7:45 PM
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Subject: RE: What is the BEST exersize? (and some advice)
For me, for fitness? I never felt more fit than when I was just running, and nothing else. Not a little running, but six days a week, 40-50 miles. I felt like I could do anything physically. Now that I'm just riding. . . sure. . . I'm crazy fast on a bike. . . but I find that bike fitness is quite specific to riding a bike and not much else.
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