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2019-03-04 1:01 PM

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Subject: House Dems Investigate Trump
"House Democrats opened a huge new avenue Monday in their investigations into President Trump, with the chairman of the Judiciary Committee firing off document requests to dozens of figures from the president's administration, family and business."

For 2 1/2 years the FBI, the House, the Senate, the Special Counsel and hundreds of Trump-hating journalists have been investing Trump. Either all these people are inept or Trump is a genius at cover his tracks or, the most probable, there was no Trump/Russian collusion or conspiracy.

The general consensus in the news is that Mueller is about to wrap up and deliver his report within weeks. Why would the House open a new investigation now? I submit that they either know or suspect Mueller's report will find no criminal/impeachable offense.

I think this is all just for show....a last ditch Hail Mary. After the Mueller investigation is over, the Trump/Russia thing dies and dems lose their narrative. This is a way to continue the idea that Trump 'stole' the election.

I also think this has good chance of backfiring on dems. Aside from ardent Trump-haters people are sick of this stuff.

2019-03-04 1:38 PM
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Subject: RE: House Dems Investigate Trump

Of course they know there is nothing in the Mueller report.  How could they not?  There is not a single piece of this investigation that has not been leaked.  Do you think if they found ANYTHING it would not have been leaked by now.

Let the Democrats go......you are likely seeing the end of that party, one way or another.

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