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Subject: Meniere's Disease and Triathlons
I'm wondering if anyone here has Meniere's disease? I have done one sprint triathlon (pre-Meniere's) and used to do a lot more distance running pre-Meniere's, but have not done any races since my symptom on-set. I am feeling much better since the decompression surgery and want to start doing races again. The tri I'm planning to do is pretty chill.

My question is about replacing salts and sugars. I used to take Goo with me on training runs and during races to replace salts and sugar. Now I'm nervous about that triggering an episode. I know there's a famous triathlete with MD, but my guess is that his vestibular and balance symptoms aren't an issue anymore because he's completely deaf at this point. My hearing in my right ear is still pretty good, so I'll be okay to race without my hearing aid. P.S.: I'm probably cursing myself by saying this, but I've never had a drop attack so I'm not worried about that either at this point. I'm turning 40 in a few weeks, so I'm still relatively young and in pretty good health despite the MD. Thanks in advance!
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