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2019-04-13 3:06 PM


Subject: Bike Fit
Hi All:

I am looking at buying my first Tri bike. I currently ride a 56cm in road bike. I'm 5'11" with an inseam of 34".

The bike shop I went into said you should go one size down for a Tri bike and recommended a 54cm Cervelo P2.

They also didn't have a 56 in stock which made me suspicious. Anyways, could you look at the attached picture and

tell me if this fit looks halfway decent, or is it too small?


Bike.jpg (1359KB - 1 downloads)

2019-04-15 7:05 AM
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Tacoma, Washington
Subject: RE: Bike Fit

I'm not a pro fitter, so take this with a ton of salt. Also, I know nothing about you, your limitations on flexibility, injury history, etc. And this pic has enough missing (wearing street clothes, you're looking down) that it's not a true test, and likely this position was arrived at on a trainer and without taking any bikes on the road. Take this as just a couple observations that aren't exactly what you were asking.

* That seat is a little too high. And I'm not kidding. Especially considering the shoes you're wearing.

* Your arm angles look good, you look fairly relaxed. The angle at the shoulder could open up slightly, but it's not bad.

* Hip angle (and this is especially where not knowing your flexibility level comes into play, or what happens to your particular power curve when it does) could close up some. That could be accomplished by lowering the front end (which would also open that shoulder angle slightly.

* Back looks nice and flat. Be cautious of the above if it messes with the back much at all.

I don't think that bike frame looks too small under you, and doubly so if you end up lowering the front end.

2019-04-24 9:21 AM
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Subject: RE: Bike Fit
What did you end up with?
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