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2019-07-16 11:16 PM


Subject: help! Need a bigger suit
I am hoping yall can help me here!! I have a 70.3 coming up in October and I am in need of something to race in. Im not the average racer here. I am an ex football player turned bodybuilder and ready for a new challenge. I am 6'6'' and 295lbs which ill get down to 280-285 come race day. I have large quads and chest and a long torso, which is proving to be a deadly combination for the trisuit. So far, Desoto is in the lead as there suit was comfortable up top even though its a bit of a test on that zipper, but the shorts creased in an odd location which im sure is going to be miserable after a few miles on the bike. Any suggestions!!?? The 2 piece tops look like tube tops on me so thats not an option. The 1 pieces are much closer and have to be sleeveless. I just cant find anything yet, and 2xl is my go to size in everything just about, but for tri stuff that means a 46" chest... whats that about!?
Ive found a company that will do custom, but its $300 plus the $250 on the suit!

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2019-07-17 12:10 AM
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Subject: RE: help! Need a bigger suit
When I did my 70.3 I wore bike shorts and bike shirt for that leg of the race and switched to running gear for the final segment. I was very comfortable and while I might have lost a few minutes in transitions changing clothes it did not matter to me. I was looking to finish for that first one. I had zero issues with clothing / chafing. If your goal is to get this first one out of the way, I suggest being comfortable.
2019-07-19 8:21 AM
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Subject: RE: help! Need a bigger suit
A good option is wear tri shorts only for the swim and throw whatever bike jersey you are using now on in T1, I've done bricks this way no problem. There really isn't going to be a great option but you don't need a top for the swim. In a lot of tris you can go without a top for the entire thing. It seems that only WTC races have the modesty rule for guys. I wouldn't want to change bottoms for a 70.3 and you probably can't if they don't have a change tent.
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