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2019-07-28 12:30 PM


Subject: Another newbie to add to the pile
Josh here,
From the UK, North Wales, Llangollen (unfortunately no I am not a Welshman, from Lincoln originally)
Got to enjoy my first tri last year, Shrewsbury, with a 2:10:22. I was more than happy with that as my only goal was just to be able to cross that finish line From there I was hooked despite not entering another one yet but I was focusing on my fitness, entering a 10k here and there, had my sights set on a half marathon but my mental health fell apart, as did my training. Picked myself up, dusted myself down and started to get back out there only to be slapped back down with sciatica.
I am doing SYTri again but with a month to go and only just able to get on a bike, which yet somehow is the most comfortable position I've been in for this entire time of fighting with this... Can't run and certainly haven't been able to get in a pool despite assuming it would be good for me, I'm panicking a little. Trying to cram as much training in as I can without doing more damage is daunting but I'm keen to again just hit that finish line.

At every event I have had the joy to take part in the community has been amazing as was the atmosphere so here I am trying to find it online

2019-07-31 9:15 PM
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Gilmer Texas
Subject: RE: Another newbie to add to the pile
Welcome Josh and just keep pushing forward! Have you considered setting up a team? you bike and get a swimmer and a runner. Many of the Tris here have a class for Teams.
2019-08-03 9:22 AM
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Subject: RE: Another newbie to add to the pile
Thanks for your reply,
I have a group of friends I semi train with and got me into tri, we have joked on a relay team in the past as we all have a leg of triathlon that we enjoy more but we have all entered individually and at this point with the event entirely sold old (tri, quad and relay), nothing can be changed at this point.
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