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2019-08-29 12:50 PM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: 70.3 to JFK 50 Miler

A friend of mine has inquired about my desire to do the JFK 50 miler this year. We have wanted to do this race together for some time and because of other commitments I have not been able to seal the deal.

I have done a 50km in the past and multiple marathons.

70.3 is 09/08 (Week 37)
JFK is 11/23 (Week 48)

Assuming it takes me a week to get back into the game after my tri, I have 10 weeks to get into shape for a long slow run/walk. With a target of finishing JFK in 11-12 hours. Other than some serious suck, anyone see anything crazy about this? I would basically just spend the next 10 weeks building endurance. In the middle of it I have a two week trip to the UK and Europe for work.

I think I have just convinced myself that I am going to giver a run...convince me otherwise.

2019-08-29 6:39 PM
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Subject: RE: 70.3 to JFK 50 Miler've got experience doing ultras.  I'm assuming you're not running a lot "extra" beyond 70.3 training right now.  

11 weeks is enough time to run JFK50, but it's certainly possible.  

Assume a 1 week recovery, you can build from 13 miles to 25-30 miles in 10 weeks (10% compounding).  That's enough to do the 50 miler.  

It might be hard to get a 3+ hour run in before/after a long flight, but you can still get a long run in during the middle weekend.  Runs were my favorite way to explore new cities.  I was at a conference in England one time and the group was discussing various restaurants to hit for dinner.  I'd run past more than half of them so had a vague idea of where they were and if they seemed "presentable" for a business crowd.  


2019-08-30 5:53 AM
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, Pennsylvania
Subject: RE: 70.3 to JFK 50 Miler
Signed up last night. Will go back to look at old training program, but I think I got this in the bag.

Good news is, it's the closest ultra to my house, so logistically it's not an issue.

I am pretty excited, but will miss my bike for that 10 week period.
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