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2019-09-17 9:10 PM

Subject: HR Strap for Zwift and Macbook/Iphone/Ipad?
Started zwifting and realized I need a HR strap to be included in some race results.

I currently use a macbook for zwift, which obviously means bluetooth.


1. If I do need bluetooth, I assume the best choice there is the Wahoo Tickr strap?

2. If I want to use a garmin hrm tri strap instead, will it connect to zwift via my mackbook, if I buy an ANT 'dongle' for my macbook??


2019-09-17 9:46 PM
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Subject: RE: HR Strap for Zwift and Macbook/Iphone/Ipad?
You are correct. A Bluetooth/ant+ HR monitor will work fine. I purchased the Scosche Rhythm 24 and have had good results.

Or option 2 would also work. If you already have a ANT+ capable HR monitor, you simply need the dongle for it to work.

I went with purchasing a new HR monitor. I got tired of the chest strap and replacing batteries. I like the forearm HR monitor much more and also enjoy that it’s rechargeable. I also read some people say that they’re ANT+ monitor dropping signal more often.
2019-09-18 6:54 AM
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Subject: RE: HR Strap for Zwift and Macbook/Iphone/Ipad?
Further question...

My training buddy has the garmin tri hr strap. He uses it indoors and has his HR display on his iphone. I know he doesn't have any ANT dongle/cord connected to his Iphone, so I'm trying to figure out how the iphone is picking up his HR.

The only thing I can think of, is he also uses a Wahoo cadence sensor on his crank arm. Does that device pick up, and rebroadcast via bluetooth the ANT hr reading from his strap??

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2019-09-18 10:07 AM
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Subject: RE: HR Strap for Zwift and Macbook/Iphone/Ipad?
I use a Wahoo TickrX for both HR and cadence. I honestly don't know how it measures cadence but it does. It connects directly to my phone through the Wahoo fitness app and will show HR and HR zone during a workout, or to my Wahoo Elemnt Roam. I haven't tried connecting it to my Macbook, but I haven't had any problems with my Macs connecting to any sort of bluetooth device so I have a feeling that it will be just fine.

I will say that I also have a Garmin Edge 520 plus and a Garmin Vivoactive 3 (I have a problem...) and my TickrX connects to both of them just fine.

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