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2019-11-11 5:18 PM

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Subject: Off topic - tri related (sort of)
This is ridiculous.

About 2 weeks ago I was taking a nap on the couch and woke up with a serious pain just under me ribs on the right side. Almost went to ER but took some aspirin and pain subsided.

I looked on internet and self-diagnosed with gall stones. Decided to man-up and tough it out.

After 4 days of pain I want to doctor to have my gall bladder/gall stones removed.

After the exam my doctor said it was NOT gall bladder or gall stones. She said I stained a muscle!

Good lord! I was taking a NAP on the couch and injured myself!?

This is the same guy that finished 2 Ironman races and 5 marathons and numerous other triathlons without injury? I strain a muscle taking a nap? SMH

2019-11-11 6:54 PM
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, Arizona
Subject: RE: Off topic - tri related (sort of)
Most of the times I "hurt myself" it is in the absolute stupidest ways. I strained my neck bad enough I couldn't turn my head for 5 days, had to be put on muscle relaxants and I couldn't even drive for the week, the source of such an injury? Washing my hair. It's not like I was trying to get tree sap out of my beautiful locks, just normal get ready for work washing.
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