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2020-03-30 8:05 PM

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Subject: Never Miss a Monday 3-30-20
Headed out for a 4 mile run. Perfect weather, cool breeze and easy miles. That is until I got chased by a dog for the 3rd run in a row. Folks in the town that I run in don’t pay attention to leash laws. A lot of times it’s smaller dogs just running after me for run, but then the owners freak out. I’ve had to turn around a few times so the dog will follow me back to the owner. On one ocassion, the owner proceeded to lecture me about how I shouldn’t be running (on a public sidewalk, mind you) because their dog will chase me and run away from them. I told them about the leash law, they were unimpressed. It’s a small town so I don’t want to make a bad reputation for runners, especially since there are only a few of us.

The house the dogs chased me from tonight have been warned by local PD to keep the dogs leashed or put up so they can’t chase. A local police officer actually witnessed them chase me about a year ago. He went and spoke with the owners, but it didn’t do any good. Two weeks later they were back. I haven’t ran by the house in around a year because of it.

Little bit of a rant, but I’d also like some insight from you guys. What, if any, ethical (I’m sure there aren’t any legal) obligation do I have to these dog owners? Like I said, I hate to make folks hate runners, but man am I tired of folks just not obeying the law. If you have a dog that you know will chase people, wouldn’t you make sure you had a leash on it if you were outside?! /end rant.

Despite the dogs, it was a great Monday run!
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