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2020-04-08 7:18 AM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: 04.08.2020 Humpday Training
Let's hope so anyways...hahahaha I do make myself laugh sometimes.

Anyways, crushed it on the trainer this morning. 1:15 sweatfest. Because of all my trainer time I have a lot of movies/documentaries that are 2/3 and 3/4 complete. I didn't have the juice to keep going at the effort level I had signed up for this morning. It was exactly on point.

Tonight I am going to do a virtual happy hour to try to start game planning the summer adventures.

2020-04-08 8:26 PM
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Subject: RE: 04.08.2020 Humpday Training
5 miles on the treadmill. Nice storm system came through and disrupted any plans of running outdoors. Glad to get some rain, though. Freshly planted garden will be happy.
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