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2021-02-28 7:31 AM

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Subject: Syria
“ The Pentagon on Friday said it had domestic and multinational legal authorities under the U.S. Constitution and United Nations international law, respectively, to conduct lethal airstrikes in Syria against Iran-backed militia groups accused of targeting American troops and their allies in neighboring Iraq.”

So Biden taking flap for this...most by Dems. Trump took a lot of flack for doing the same thing.

I think the bombing was probably justified given the circumstances in Syria. But for debate sake, the purist would say, “the US bombed a sovereign nation” regardless of the targets. Suppose Iran wanted to take out an anti-Islam training camp. Would it be ok for them to bomb the camp on US soil?

If you think there is “justification” to bomb your enemy, why not bomb them on their own soil?

This is mostly TIC. I have no problem with the retaliatory strike...other than it is a slippery slope. The problem I have is us bombing the Iranians one day and lifting sanctions on the Iranians the next. IOW, “Just ignore those bombers and let’s talk about getting together on the nuclear deal....”.

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