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2021-07-28 1:33 PM

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Subject: COVID hits home!
Of folks, push just came to shove!

For over a year now I have downplayed the ‘pandemic’ so much so that I still write ‘pandemic’ with air quotes. My son has been in Cabo/Mexico City/Cancun for the last month or so. He was fully vaccinated in Philly before he left and moved back home to change careers or find a patent attorney job in the SE US. So anyway, he was scheduled to fly in tonight. But his flight went thru Mexico City and there they require a negative covid test to fly back to US. He tested positive!

So now what? First off, my initial reaction, “so much for the much for the f’ing vaccine! Fat lot of good that did him! “Oh but the vaccine is said to “reduce the severity”. Ha! He is 28 yo and didn’t know he had it! Hard to reduce severity more than “I feel great”.

But enough on the vaccine. Other than to say I am not indoctrinated…uh…I mean inoculated. My wife and daughter are vaxed.

The dilemma. Assuming somehow Nick can get back to the us having tested positive, do we welcome him back to his old room knowing he tested positive. I say yes. My wife said he have to quarantine in his room. I said BS. Well, not to my wife…but I thought that! :-). In theory, since my wife and daughter are vaccinated they are not at risk. Then again, Nick was vaccinated too and tested positive. So the only one at risk is me. I’m overweight, smoke, have high BP and drink 1/5 of whisky a day! Yeah, I know, long way from my Ironman days! Am I concerned? Not in the least! I simply refuse to live in fear. Sooner or later everyone will get some variety! 98% of the world is not vaccinated. I read 60% of Indians (dots not feathers) have covid antibodies.

Deep down, I kinda hope I get covid and recover. I prefer that to the vaccine. But apparently, according to the gubment, neither one means chit. You still need to wear a mask and live in fear.

Not sure if Nick will be forced to stay in Mexico or if he will develop symptoms or it is a false positive. If he shows symptoms, and wanted to come home, I’d charted a private plane to fly him home. More than likely, he will test again and test negative and fly home on the next flight commercial or he will spend some more time in Mexico. I told him he could walk across the border as they are not testing the “migrants” aka illegal aliens, but hr was not amused. Sorry Nick. Can’t be easy having me as a father.

This was an initial jolt to me but after the initial shock I realize the critical thinking I’ve employed all along still applies. I do not fear for myself and I do not fear for my young, strong health son. Yes, there is a 0.2% chance one of us could die but when I had my last colonoscopy the anesthesiologist said there is a chance I could die! Very, very (I think he used 4 verys) I could die from the anesthesia. I rolled the dice! They said the same thing both times I had anesthesia to have my triathlon knees scoped. I survived.
So anyway,Covid finally hit Casa de Rogillio! Maybe you will finally get to tell me “we told you so”…..but I doubt it. :-).

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